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Assessment tests


A wide range of tests and analyses for all industrial sectors

LNE possesses highly advanced testing equipment and facilities, both in the Paris region and at its regional centres. It is equipped to meet the needs of all industrial sectors and can perform tests in a wide range of fields: mechanical, climatic or thermal stresses, acoustic properties, fire behaviour, ageing, electrical safety, chemical analysis, optical properties, food or chemical compatibility and electromagnetic compatibility.

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Chemical analysis

The purpose of chemical analysis is to:

  • characterize raw materials,
  • control the environment,
  • assess the chemical safety of products.

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LNE aims to provide solutions for all needs in the acoustics field. It assesses noise, qualifies sound reproduction systems, characterizes materials and studies acoustic comfort, by means of objective measurements and/or subjective tests by panels.

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Simulation of stresses

LNE offers :

  • climatic tests
  • mechanical tests
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests

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