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Simulation of mechanical, climatic and EMC environment stresses



These tests may be supplemented by acoustics tests and electrical safety tests

Climatic tests
are performed to assess the resistance, long-term behaviour and ageing effects of a product in a range of simulated conditions, including high or low temperature, humidity, salt spray, low pressure and permeability. IP protection index P (in french - pdf - 199 kB)
Mechanical tests
are performed to assess the behaviour of a product in real conditions of use by applying mechanical stresses (impact, vibration, acceleration, etc.).
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests
are performed to verify the capacity of a device or system to operate satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without causing electromagnetic interference.

Regulations and standards


LNE performs conformity tests according to the European Directives on Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108/EC), Low Voltage (2006/95/EC), etc.

More information

Main standards used

For mechanical and climatic tests:
GAM EG 13, MIL 810, STANAG 2895 and 4370, EUROCAE ED-14 C / RTCA DO-160D, ISTA, IEC series 60068-2
For EMC tests:
GAM EG 13, MIL 461, RTCA DO-160, NF EN 60601-1-2, IEC series 61000-4-X, etc.

LNE resources

LNE has an extensive range of sophisticated test resources at its centres in Trappes and Nîmes.

For climatic tests:

  • climatic chambers
  • thermal chambers
  • salt spray tanks
  • heat-cold-vacuum chamber
  • IP permeability test equipment

For mechanical tests:

  • hydraulic vibration tables
  • shakers (including one which combines vibration with climatic conditions)
  • vertical impact tables
  • accelerated vertical impact machines
  • horizontal impact machines
  • release machines
  • traction-compression machines

For EMC tests:

  • EMC chamber
  • immunity benches

LNE can also adapt these resources to specific test conditions.

Fields and products concerned

accessories, parts, components, driving aid products, interior comfort products, etc.
palletized products, drums, containers, etc.
safety systems, sensors, electronic cabinets, etc.
Information systems:
electronic cabinets, hard disks, burners, screens, tuners, etc.
catheters, endoscopes, X-ray equipment, respirators, etc.
guidance systems, power supply systems, survival systems, etc.
Consumer products:
luminaires, toys, household electrical products, gardening implements, hi-fi systems, video and multimedia equipment, etc.
Industrial products:
engines, machinery, etc.
computer control cabinets , aerials, amplifiers, etc.

Services provided

  • Temperature tests between - 70°C and +200°C and humidity tests between 10% and 98% Hr,
  • Temperature variations up to 22°C per minute,
  • Thermal shock between - 70°C and +200°C,
  • Simulation of transport conditions,
  • Simulation of real conditions of use,
  • Electromagnetic emission and immunity measurements up to 18 GHz.

Approval and accreditation

See our page approval and accreditation

Vibration test on a dashboard

Vibration test on a dashboard

EMC chamber

Test in an EMC chamber


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