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Chemical analyses


The purpose of chemical analysis is to:

  • characterize raw materials,
  • control the environment,
  • assess the chemical safety of products.

Regulations and standards

Tests are performed according to the requirements of:

  • - European Directives
  • - national or international standards (French, European, American, etc.)
  • - national or international pharmacopoeias (French, European, Japanese, American)
  • - procedures developed by LNE.

LNE resources

Analysis of phthalates

Analysis of phthalates by
gas chromatography / mass spectrometry

LNE has a comprehensive range of chemical analysis resources, including:

  • gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)
  • high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ionic chromatography
  • X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction spectrometry, Fourier transformation infrared spectrometry, UV/visible spectrometry
  • infrared microscopy
  • electrochemistry
  • calorimetry...

Products and/or fields concerned

For details of products and services, click on a field:

Services provided

Technical assistance and expert analysis:

  • analysis of product deterioration during manufacture
  • identification of impurities
  • identification and analysis of inorganic pollutants
  • characterization of a material or product to particular specifications.

Analysis according to standards or regulations

  • physicochemical characterization
  • analysis of metals, alloys and coatings
  • analysis of products intended for contact with food
  • tests according to French, European, Japanese or American pharmacopoeias
  • analysis of water (except drinkability) according to French (DTU) or other regulations
  • analysis of air quality in the workplace or emissions in the environment
  • biodegradability and compostability tests.

More information

Download our Chemical analyses brochure (in French - PDF format - 85 ko)

See our downloadable publications section for other information documents.

approval and accreditation

For more information see our Approval and accreditation page.


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