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LNE aims to provide solutions for all needs in the acoustics field. It assesses noise, qualifies sound reproduction systems, characterizes materials and studies acoustic comfort, by means of objective measurements and/or subjective tests by panels.

Regulations and standards

LNE tests products to ensure they comply with applicable regulations. It also carries out comparative tests, issues quality marks, provides referencing assistance, etc.

Regulations and standards

LNE has a full range of sophisticated test resources at its Trappes site:

Fields concerned

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Services provided

Electroacoustic measurement

Electroacoustic measurement
of a loudspeaker
in an anechoic chamber

  • measurements to ensure compliance with standards:
    ISO 3744 (in french - pdf - 134 kB), ISO 7779, ISO 354 (in french - pdf - 134 kB), EN 50332-1 (in french - pdf - 58 kB), CEI 60118 ...
    and/or regulations: European Directives 2000/14/EC, 98/37/EC (in french - pdf - 134 kB) ...
  • technical assistance to adapt products to their market,
  • ergonomics and psychoacoustics services (in french - pdf - 143 kB),
  • comparative tests,,
  • expert advice on product design, analysis of prototypes.

Approval and accreditation

Click here for full details (in French) of our approval and accreditation.


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