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Our activities

Meeting a wide range of needs

Tests : Fire reaction of an upholstered seat

Fire reaction
of an upholstered seat

Tests and analyses are performed to assess every aspect of the quality and safety of a product at each stage in its life cycle, from development, production and marketing through to disposal.

LNE meets the testing and assessment requirements of:

research and development departments,
assisting them in their choice of materials, components and manufacturing processes
production and quality control departments,
who need to ensure their products comply with national or European regulations or with the reference systems of French or other national quality marks
marketing departments,
who wish to assess whether products meet consumer expectations
who require assistance in making their product selections or conformity checks on products supplied
consumer organizations,
for their comparative tests
local authorities,
for inspection of the equipment they purchase
public services responsible
for controlling the quality of products on the market
insurance companies or adjusters,
who require assistance in determining the causes of accidents or damage involving products.

Advantages of working with LNE

A wide range of test services :
Tests are performed in LNE's laboratories using state-of-the-art equipment.
[Our range of tests and analyses]
Tailor-made test programmes :
Materials, components, products and equipment are tested according to French, foreign or international standards and regulations, or to specifications drawn up in consultation with the client.
Services performed on site by the Laboratory's mobile units :
Most on-site tests and measurements concern environmental protection, health or work safety. They may also cover inspection of new equipment (eg. climatic chambers, sterilizers or medical air compressor packages), verification of measuring instruments or conformity assessment for product lines.
[Our on-site tests]
Specialist teams
at centres throughout France: Paris, Trappes, Nîmes, Poitiers


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