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LNE aims to provide a comprehensive on-site calibration and verification service.

Regulations and standards

Verification services are performed according to French and/or international standards, or in accordance with the company's own control procedures.

LNE resources

LNE has a number of mobile laboratory trucks that can be used on site by our technicians.

Services and equipment concerned


  • machinery for mechanical tests: traction, compression, impact deformation and hardness
  • thermal chambers: ovens, incubators, climatic chambers, furnaces, refrigerators, freezers, cryostats, salt spray tanks
  • thermostat baths (liquid)
  • steam or dry heat sterilizers (autoclaves)
  • fluid flow meters (thermoplastics)


  • temperature and pressure sensors, gauges and measurement chains
  • mechanical thermohygrometers

Control of metrology installations

For more information on the services provided, uncertainties, methods and prices, see our calibration and consulting services page

Approval and accreditation

For more information, see our approval and accreditation page.

LNE strengths

To minimize equipment downtime,
LNE will calibrate or verify a range of equipment simultaneously. Between five and ten thermal chambers can be verified in one day, for example.
LNE is an active member of French and international standardization committees
in the fields of sterilization and microbiology.



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