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Compressed air


LNE controls the quality of compressed air for medical or industrial uses or for respiratory protection.

Regulations and standards

Controls are carried out in accordance with French, European or international regulations and standards.

LNE resources

LNE has several laboratory vehicles for continuous measurement of compressed air. They are equipped with a wide range of analysis and control instruments, including gas analysers (carbon monoxide/dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, oxygen), hygrometers, particle counters and oil aerosol sampling cones.

Fields and equipment concerned

  • air for medical use produced by a compression/filtration plant
  • air for industrial use
  • breathable air for respiratory protection
  • ambient air
  • steam sterilizers in clinics and hospitals.

Services provided

For more information on the services provided, uncertainties, methods and prices, see our calibration and consulting services page.

Additional services

  • analysis of medical nitrogen quality according to the European pharmacopoeia.
  • NF mark issued for microbiological safety units - [More information]

approval and accreditation

For more information, see our approval and accreditation page.

LNE strengths

Each year LNE carries out over 600 controls of compressed air quality throughout France.


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