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Expert analysis


Expert analysis manager: LNE has appointed an expert analysis manager to coordinate all the departments concerned for a technical examination.

Products and fields concerned

  • materials: metals, plastics, textiles, ceramics, biomaterials
  • industrial equipment: lifting and handling equipment, machinery
  • packaging for transport and waste collection, packing
  • consumer products
  • medical devices
  • road, sea and rail transport equipment
  • sanitary installations (piping, heat exchangers)
  • piping for carrying fluids
  • thermal installations (boilers, air-conditioning plants)


Examinations are provided following a direct request from a company or when a report is required for a settlement, an insurance claim or legal proceedings.

Services provided

Expertise: examen microfractographique

Microfractographic examination
of a broken pacemaker wire
using a scanning
electron microscope

LNE will:

provide assistance in establishing the scope of an examination,

supply advice on taking and conserving samples,

draw up an examination programme,

coordinate and perform all required tests,

provide preliminary results or draw up a report,

attend meetings or court hearings to present the results of its analysis.

Additional services

Training sessions are run each year for technical experts.
Consultez notre training catalogue (french version only)

Advantages of working with LNE

LNE carries out over 300 technical examinations each year.

With its extensive test resources and multidisciplinary technical skills, LNE is equipped to perform examinations in all industrial sectors, in France or in other countries.

LNE engineers act as official experts for the French courts in various sectors of activity.


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