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Products are assessed from an ergonomic point of view.
Tests cover physical characteristics, safety, display readability, ease of use, configurability, usefulness of functions, presence and ease of access of basic functions, clarity and organization of instructions for use, etc.

Who are ergonomic tests intended for?

Ergonomic tests are intended for:

  • manufacturers who wish to improve their prototypes or upgrade existing products
  • distributors who need to select products for reference listing
  • consumer organizations which want to include ergonomic aspects in their comparative tests.

Services provided

LNE performs ergonomic tests on all types of products and services,
according to your prior specifications or to specifications drawn up in consultation with you.
Results are presented in the form of a decision-making aid,
with problems and corresponding solutions ranked in order of importance.

Additional services

Comparative tests
[More information]
Organization of consumer round tables.

LNE resources

LNE uses:

  • a listening and viewing room equipped with video cameras and an observation room (in french - pdf - 143 kB)
  • groups of consumers selected for each test


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