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Comparative tests


Comparative tests are performed to assess products according to different quality criteria, such as performance, durability, mechanical resistance, energy consumption, safety or ergonomics. Products are compared with similar products or with a selected reference product.

Who are comparative tests intended for?

Comparative tests are mainly intended for:

  • distributors who need to select products for reference listing
  • manufacturers who wish to position themselves in relation to competitors
  • consumer research organizations which publish the results of these tests.

Services provided

LNE performs comparative tests on all types of products,
according to your prior specifications or to specifications drawn up in consultation with you.
Results are presented in the form of tables:
  • - products are graded in order of quality or in comparison with the reference product
  • - the strong and weak points of each product are highlighted.

Additional services

Ergonomic tests
for product improvement
[More information]
Organization of consumer round tables.

LNE resources

LNE uses:

  • a listening and viewing room equipped with video cameras and an observation room (in french - pdf - 143 kB)
  • groups of consumers selected for each test
  • panels of viewing and listening experts.


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