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The Quaero project

Last update: March 2009

The Quaero consortium

The Quaero consortium was created to meet multimedia content analysis requirements for consumers and professionals facing the rapid increase of accessible digital information.
Being coordinated by the Thomson group, a world player in the field of image technologies, several French and German subsidiaries of the Group are also collaborating with 22 other partners.

The Agency for Industrial Innovation (Aii), now called OSEO, will contribute an amount of 99 billions euros in the project of a European internet search engine.

The collaborative research and development program focuses on the areas of :

  • automatic extraction of information,
  • analysis,
  • classification and
  • usage of digital multimedia content for professionals and consumers.

The QA campaign

A campaign, first of six, was launched to evaluate the performance of the different question-ansering systems in English and French.

A corpus, in each language, was collected on the web by using a set of real request "logs" provided by Exalead in the target languages. In the same way the test set of questions was created by the LNE in using the same request "logs". The evaluation was also done by the LNE. Three systems have participated to this first evaluation. Four types of questions were used:

  • factual
  • non factual
  • list
  • Boolean
The metrics used for the evaluation were the mean reciprocal rank, the acuracy and the relevance. The results show a difference of performance between the systems as well as a possibility of important progress.

To read more about this, download the overview of the Quaero 2008 monolingual question answering track.

Research work at LNE

Ludovic Quintard, researcher at the LNE, wrote a thesis on the Evaluation of the quality of color display devices: subjective evaluation using objective metrics.

The thesis being written in French, you can access the English abstract.


For more information, visit the official site at: