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Metrology in organic chemistry

Isotopic dilution chromatography / mass spectrometry


One of the priorities of LNE's chemical metrology laboratory is research and development of primary reference methods and studies of their metrological qualities. Isotopic dilution chromatography/mass spectrometry, with a metrological approach, is used to analyse organic compounds in different matrices, with a relative uncertainty of 1 to 5%.

A laboratory specializing in analysis of organic compounds

LNE's chemical metrology laboratory is equipped with:

a gas chromatography/quadrupole mass spectrometry system

GC-MS chromatograph

GC-MS chromatograph

a high-performance liquid chromatography chain fitted with a diode array detector and coupled in tandem with a mass spectrometer

LC-MS chromatograph

LC-MS2 chromatograph

Système ASE

ASE system

sample preparation and extraction equipment, such as a Dionex accelerated solvent extractor (ASE).

Applications of isotopic dilution GC-MS and isotopic dilution LC-MS2

Isotopic dilution GC-MS for measurement of compounds and organic micropollutants in the agri-food and environment sectors.
The ID-GC-MS primary method has been successfully applied to measure ethanol in water and wine. . Studies are currently being conducted to measure polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and other sediment contaminants in biotemplates such as mussel tissue.
More fundamental research is being carried out to determine the purity of chemical compounds. This is an essential step in establishing perfect traceability of measurements. Most of the laboratory's work is related to international intercomparisons overseen by the working groups of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance - Metrology in Chemistry (CCQM) of the International Weights and Measures Office BIPM and the Technical Committee on Metrology in Chemistry (METCHEM) of the association of European national metrology institutes EURAMET.
Isotopic dilution LC-MS2 for measurement of compounds and organic micropollutants in the agri-food and environment sectors.
The ID-LC-MS primary method is currently being developed. One of its main applications will be measurement of pesticides in water and food matrices.
The ID-LC-MS2 primary method has been developed. Its main applications are measurement of pesticides in water and food matrices.
Production of reference materials.
Reference materials have been produced for measurement of herbicides in water.

As a result of these developments, LNE is now positioned among the leading European metrology laboratories.


LNE is accreditated by French accreditation committee COFRAC for analysis of ethanol in hydroalcoholic solutions (water, wine) and measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a solvent (accreditation no. 2-54, technical annex 9).

[For more information see our COFRAC accreditation database ] (in French)

LNE has registered the CMCs (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities declared by national metrology institutes) corresponding to this accreditation.


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