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Indoor air quality

Development of reference standards for indoor air quality

Presentation of study

Limited knowledge of microenvironments or exposure to indoor air pollutants is one of the weak links in accurate assessment of health risks. In France, no type classification of buildings according to sources of interior air pollution is available at present. There are no statistics concerning pollution levels or identifying factors liable to influence pollution, such as housing characteristics (town planning, heating and ventilation systems, internal installations) or the activities of occupants (frequency of heating, cooking, etc.).

Consequently, the French Permanent Survey of Indoor Air Quality (OQAI) has launched a series of on-site measurement programmes to gather data on indoor pollution, exposure of occupants to pollution and associated risk factors.

To ensure the measurements obtained will be traceable, LNE has undertaken to develop reference standards.
The initial objective is to study the feasibility of developing reference materials, in the form of charged adsorbant cartridges, for five volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are characteristic of indoor ambient air.

Une méthode d'analyse des COV par thermodésorption associée à la chromatographie en phase gazeuse détectée par ionisation de flamme, a été mise en place.

Le LNE a participé aux comparaisons internationales sur les COV.


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