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General documents about LNE

LNE's brochure

LNE a driver for competitiveness and safety

  • - Two Fields of Expertise : Measurement and References
  • - Five Key Activities : reasearch & transfer, technical assistance, testing & calibration, certification, training & information
  • - Nine Activity Areas : Industry, Defencs, Energy, Transport, Instrumentation, Public Authorities, Healthcare, Construction Products, Consumer Products
  • - Research : A Core LNE Activity
  • - Worldwide Expertise

[LNE a driver for competitiveness and safety] (pdf - 741 kB)


LNE certification Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE)

LNE Certification Quality, Safety & Environment
Advantages of three-in-one certification

With QSE certification, integrate three standards in one system ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 - ILO-OSH, ISO 14001. The choice is yours: LNE will perform an audit of your organization to all three of these reference standards or will provide certification you have not already obtained.

[LNE Certification Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE)] (pdf - 759 kB)

Consumer products

Personal music players

Personal music players

French law specifies the maximum permitted output voltage of these devices, the method for measuring this level, and the information that must be provided with each device.

[Personal music players] (EN/FR) (pdf - 486 kB)

Computer peripherals and consumables

Computer peripherals and consumables

With the rapid development and ever increasing choice of computer products, selecting peripherals and consumables can be difficult. The four key criteria are technical performance, ergonomics, operating cost and reliability.

[Computer peripherals and consumables] (EN/FR) (pdf - 85 kB)

Pool equipment

Swimming pools and pool equipment

The market is characterised by an increasingly diversified product offer and by more stringent regulations to ensure the safety of these installations.

[Swimming pools and pool equipment] (pdf - 321 kB)


Defence : Qualification of products and equipment

Defence : Qualification of products and equipment
Assistance for development, conformity, competitiveness and innovation

[Defence : Qualification of products and equipment] (pdf - 146 kB)


Energy : Qualification of products and equipment

Energy : Qualification of products and equipment
Assistance for development, conformity, competitiveness and innovation

[Energy : Qualification of products and equipment] (pdf - 254 kB)


ETV: Environmental Technology Verification

ETV: Environmental Technology Verification
The ETV programme aims at supporting the commercialisation of innovative environmental technologies in Europe, in particular for SMEs and startups. The LNE, an accredited Verification Body (VB) recognised competent by the European Commission for implementing ETV, offers its expertise in the 7 eco-technology areas of the programme.

[ETV: Environmental Technology Verification] (pdf - 1,7 mB)

Medical / Health

Medical - Health

Medical - Health

LNE’s Medical-Health teams provide support and a personalized response to many actors intending to increase international growth and reduce time-to-market while complying with European and international regulations.
As medical devices become more sophisticated, their regulatory compliance strategy must also evolve to solve the challenges.

[Medical - Health] (pdf - 880 kB)

In vitro diagnostic medical devices

In vitro diagnostic medical devices

Manufacturer or distributor of in vitro diagnostic medical device, what you need to know to obtain CE marking : scope of the directive, certification procedure, assessment procedures

[In vitro diagnostic medical devices] (pdf - 285 kB)


A comprehensive range of services, from product design to safety in hospitals
Have conformity tests and on site measurements performed - Keep current with the latest developments
Applied research - Success your certifications

[Health] (pdf - 2 Mo)

Active implant

Active Implantable Medical Devices
Compliance with European Directive 90/385/CEE

[Active Implantable Medical Devices] (pdf - 107 kB)

Orthopedic implants

Orthopedic implants: hip, spinal and dental implants - Qualification of implants and implant packaging.

This brochure details LNE's expertise and resources in the field of orthopedic implants and the services it provides.

[Orthopedic implants] (pdf - 79 kB)




Calibration - Verification - Certification - Training
Precise measurement for industry, resarch and safety

[Metrology] (pdf - 813 kB)

Measuring instruments directive

European Directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments (MID): assessing conformity with LNE

Everything you need to know about the Directive and conformity assessment procedures.

[MID: Measuring instruments Directive] (pdf - 1160 kB)


LNE's service for transport

Transport - Qualification of products and equipment

Three key objectives : conformity, competitiveness, innovation

[Transport] (pdf - 259 Ko)

European project Transfeu

TRANSFEU - A European step forward for engineering fire control

The main goal of TRANSFEU is to develop a holistic approach of fire safety-performance based-design methodology able to support efficiently European surface transport standardisation.

[European project TRANSFEU] (pdf - 674 Ko)

All sectors

Study of nanoparticles as part of nanofeu program

Nanometrology and nanotechnologies: LNE's expertise

Over twenty of LNE's researchers and engineers specialize in nanoscience and nanotechnologies, applying their multidisciplinary expertise in fields such as quantum metrology, dimensional metrology, chemical metrology, and characterization of materials.

[Nanometrology and nanotechnologies] (pdf - 1.9 MB)


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