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What's new in 2013 ?


LNE Awards prize research

LNE Awards its Fifth Prize for Research - December, 2013

A research prize has been created in 2009 to honour researchers working for LNE or laboratories in the French metrology network. 2013 was the fifth ceremony. The prize was awarded on 15 November 2013 to Philippe Laurent, a research engineer at LNE-SYRTE (Time-Space Reference Systems) at the Observatoire de Paris and to Aimé Ostrowsky, a Research Director at LNE-LNHB (Laboratoire national Henri Becquerel) at the CEA.

[LNE Awards its Fifth Prize for Research]

Innovative environmental technologies

The ETV scheme helps you to commercialise innovative environmental technologies in Europe - August, 2013

First developed by the European Commission, within the framework of the first pilot programme, and then at a national level by ADEME, the ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) scheme aims to provide innovative environmental technologies developers and suppliers with the means to officially demonstrate the performances of their technologies. This demonstration is entrusted to audit organizations appointed by the UE or ADEME, based on a protocol with clearly defined steps. After this process, if the verification validates claimed performances, companies are granted a verification declaration that is published on national and European ETV websites, on the verification declaration dedicated pages.

[Environmental Technology Verification]

Detection of medicinal residues in water

Towards an improved detection of medicinal residues in water - August, 2013

In the 90’s, the widespread presence of medicinal residues in waters was shown, within the framework of research works on micropollutants. As this matter is very complex – more than 3000 authorized molecules with an extremely complicated lifespan – and in regards of the political and social stakes and expectations this matter raises, decision making is not easy.

[Detection of medicinal residues in water]

LNE Institut technique agro-industriel

Biofuels: towards a harmonisation of analytical procedures - August, 2013

As fossil resources (oil, gas, coal) become depleted, governments encourage the development of biofuels. Two European regulations support this approach: Directive 2009/28/CE on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources for transportation and Directive 2009/30/CE aiming at securing their supply by imposing them sustainability criteria.

[European Biofuels project]

LNE Institut technique agro-industriel

Renewal of LNE’s qualification as an ITAI for its activities in “food packaging” - April, 2013

LNE’s qualification as an ITAI (technical institute for the food industry) has just been renewed for a period of 5 years (2013 to 2017) by the French Ministry for agriculture and the food-processing industry.

[Renewal of LNE’s qualification as an ITAI]

JCTML database

LNE now listed as first French reference laboratory in Medical Biology by the JCTML - March, 2013

LNE has just been selected and listed by the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTML*) as an international reference laboratory in Medical Biology for measuring total cholesterol, glucose and creatinine in serum.

[LNE first French reference laboratory in Medical Biology in JCTML database]

ETV verification

LNE is the only appointed body in France for ETV verification - Innovative environmental technologies - January, 2013

Following the example of other countries, Europe is currently setting up ETV, a new tool to help companies put their innovative environmental technologies on the European market. This tool relies on the verification of environmental technologies relevance and actual performance by independent bodies appointed by the European Commission. LNE has just been confirmed as one of them...


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