LNE chairs European Committee for Standardization TC 352 - Nanotechnologies - March 2011


On 24 February, Jean-Marc Aublant, Delegate for European Affairs and Standardization at LNE, was elected chairman of the European Committee for Standardization's Technical Committee for Nanotechnologies (TC 352).

Working under a European Commission mandate, the standardization committee is focusing on three aspects:

LNE is one of the leading research bodies in the nanotechnologies field. Among the European research projects in which it participates are those concerning measurements of nanomagnetic materials (Nanospin), development of roughness standards (Nanoref), study of the impact of nanoparticles on fire behaviour (Nanofeu), determination of the effects on health of nanoparticles in aerosol suspension (Nanoaerosols), le development of biosensors to record the behaviour of molecules over time (for monitoring of patients or water quality), and preparation of a platform for characterizing nano-objects (at LNE's Trappes site).

Press release (pdf - 137 kB)

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