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Our activities


Metrology at LNE is structured around three sectors:

Steering French metrology:
Since 25 January 2005, LNE has been responsible for steering and coordinating metrology activities in France and representing French metrology at international level. It is now on an equal footing with leading national metrology institutes such as PTB (Germany), NPL (UK) or NIST (USA). Assisted by a Metrology Committee of 14 experts, LNE works with three other national metrology laboratories and seven associate laboratories.
[French metrology]
Fundamental metrology:
French national reference standards, recognized worldwide, allow manufacturers to align their measuring instruments with the International System of units (SI), as required under the ISO 9000 quality system. LNE maintains and improves these standards in the fields of mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical and electrical quantities.
[Fundamental metrology]
Grading bench for dynamometers until 9MN

Grading bench for
dynamometers until 9MN

Metrology for industry, medical establishments and the environment:
LNE provides key economic sectors with calibration services to meet the new requirements created by advances in science and technology. On a wider level, it helps meet society's needs in the fields of health care, food production and environmental control, where reliable and accurate measurements are essential.
[Metrology for industry]
Legal metrology:
On behalf of the French Ministry of Industry, LNE issues type examination certificates for new measuring instruments regulated by French law (decree of 3 May 2001). It is also a notified body for European Directive 90/384/EEC (modified) covering non-automatic weighing instruments.
[Legal metrology]


LNE offers the following services:

of your reference standards and measuring instruments.
See our [calibration and consulting services page and contact us].
Certified reference materials
LNE implements primary reference methods and produces Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), for various applications in the field of industrial, environmental and health analysis.
[Certified reference materials produced by LNE]
in setting up a metrology laboratory or improving the organization of an existing metrology department.
[Assistance in metrology]
with a range of general or specialized courses run by engineers at the forefront of their field.
[Training courses in metrology]
Consult our [training catalogue and enrol online]
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Advantages of working with LNE

LNE offers the multidisciplinary skills of over 220 engineers and technicians specializing in metrology. Its teams are based in centres throughout France (Paris, Nîmes, Poitiers, Toulouse).

With over 5,500 clients each year from a wide range of countries, LNE has unrivalled experience of metrology requirements in all industrial sectors.

French accreditation committee COFRAC recognizes the quality of LNE's calibration services and the conformity of its organization to international standards (new ISO/IEC 17025 reference system).
[Full COFRAC accreditation list] (in french)



BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures)
EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation Group)
EURAMET (European Collaboration in Measurement Standards)
OIML (International Organization for Legal Metrology)


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