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Measuring instruments for weighing industries


Utility meters are covered by the Measuring Instruments Directive.
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Type examination

Pre-diagnosis of conformity

If your measuring instrument is in the process of being developed or you wish to assess/review the conformity of one of your instrument's functions, LNE can perform a pre-diagnosis of conformity covering all or part of the statutory requirements.

Download application form
(pdf - 25 kB)

Logo marquage CEType examination covers validation of the design of a measuring instrument on the basis of information supplied in an application file and - if required - examinations and tests performed on one or more specimens of the instrument type. Following type examination, LNE will issue a certificate stating that the instrument meets the requirements for its category. If applicable, the certificate will specify particular conditions for verification or use of the instrument.

How to apply for type examination

To apply for type examination, you need to send LNE:

  • a full description of your instrument, by completing our application form (pdf - 29 kB)
  • a technical file containing the documents listed in the [file guidelines] for the type of instrument concerned.

Note: If your application is for an instrument with integrated software, please complete the technical file as indicated in the software file guidelines - [software guidelines] (pdf - 97 kB)

Technical file guidelines
Automatic weighing instruments (AWI) MID :
(automatic weight batchers, discontinuous totalizing weighing machines, weight graders/price labellers)
Non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) guidelines
Standard masses guidelines (in french)
Standard weights guidelines (in french)

Transfer or extension of a certificate

If you wish to transfer or extend a type examination certificate, please fill in the form (french version only - pdf)


Statutory quality system approval

CE marking on a new or repaired instrument indicates that it meets the requirements covering its category. Directives 90/384/EEC (NAWI) and 2004/22/EC (MID) specify that CE marking may be affixed by a manufacturer whose quality system has been approved by a Notified Body. LNE is notified to perform quality system approval (for all modules requiring quality assurance).

French regulations (Décret of 3 May 2001) make similar provisions for companies that repair measuring instruments.

How to apply for approval of your quality system

Read our [guidelines] on the approval procedure (pdf - 415 kB) and then complete and send us the [application form] (pdf - 85 kB) and the [application file] (pdf - 73 kB)


LNE ISO 9001 certification

Companies applying for quality system approval may also apply for ISO 9001 certification of their quality management system. This certification is extremely useful both for SMEs and for large companies whose certification needs concern different parties (buyers, local authorities, subcontractors, etc.). LNE provides a one-stop service optimizing both the time and the cost of the certification process.

> LNE ISO 9001 certification (french pdf - 860 kB)

LNE ISO 9001

OIML certificates

LNE is authorized to issue OIML certificates of conformity for more than 20 categories of measuring instruments. It is also a signatory of a Mutual Acceptance Agreement covering load cells (OIML recommendation R60) and non-automatic weighing instruments (OIML recommendation R76).

The OIML international recommendations for which LNE may issue OIML certificates are listed on the OIML website.

How to apply for OIML certificates

Send LNE a full description of your instrument, by completing our application form (pdf - 29 kB)


For any new application for certification of measuring instruments, contact our customer service

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