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Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

MID : a new European Directive for controlled measuring instruments

Directive 2004/22/EC on Measuring Instruments (MID) was adopted by the European Parliament and Council on 31 March 2004, for application by EU Member States from 30 October 2006.

The Directive takes precedence over national regulations in each Member State. It covers ten categories of measuring instruments and is designed to harmonize the requirements for new measuring instruments placed on the market or put into use in Europe by eliminating the regulatory differences at national level which hinder trade.

This new-approach Directive allows manufacturers to choose between various conformity assessment procedures for their instruments. It reinforces European standards and OIML recommendations, and introduces the notion of presumption of conformity to essential requirements.

Certificates of conformity to the MID Directive are valid throughout Europe. It will therefore be easier for manufacturers to market their controlled measuring instruments.

Measuring instruments covered by the Directive

  • Exhaust gas analysers
  • Water meters
  • Active electrical energy meters
  • Heat meters
  • Gas meters and volume conversion devices
  • Dimensional measuring instruments
  • Automatic weighing instruments
  • Material measures
  • Systems for the continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water
  • Taximeters


The following categories are not covered by the MID Directive or NAWI Directive 2009/23/EC, but are still covered by French law (Décret of 3 May 2001): Material measures of capacity for liquids • Material measures of capacity for grain • Measuring containers • Bulk milk cooler tanks • Moisture content meters for cereal grain and oleaginous grain • Level indicators • Alcoholometers and hydrometers for alcohol and alcoholometric tables • Automatic saccharimeters for sugar beet delivered to refineries and distilleries • Refractometers for measuring sugar content of grape must • Breathalysers • Radar speed detectors • Instruments for measuring opacity of emissions from diesel engine vehicles • Manometers used for inflation of vehicle tyres • Sound level meters • Thermometers used by state officials to check the temperature of perishable foodstuffs

Applicable legislation

  • French law:
  • Décret 2006-447 of 12 April 2006 concerning the placing on the market and putting into use of certain measuring instruments (in French - pdf - 161 kB)
  • Arrêté of 28 April 2006 concerning the enforcement of Décret 2006-447 (in French - pdf - 306 kB)

For more information, see our downloadable documents (in french) page , where you will find the applicable legislation along with summaries of regulations, WELMEC guides, etc.


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