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Interlaboratory calibration comparisons

Last update: March 2011

LNE entrusted with running comparisons by COFRAC

Comparison programme

See the comparison programme page to register for one of our interlaboratory comparisons.
(in french only)

As the overall coordinator of French metrology, and under an agreement signed in 2005 with French accreditation committee COFRAC, LNE is responsible for:

  • developing a calibration comparison programme in line with the priorities established by COFRAC technical committees
  • running the calibration comparisons.

Assessing measurement performance

Interlaboratory comparisons and proficiency testing programmes - covered in section 5.9 of standard EN ISO/IEC 17025 - enable laboratories to assess and demonstrate the quality of their measurements. They are also a useful benchmarking and development tool for participating laboratories.

Comparisons at LNE

LNE has considerable experience in participating and organizing interlaboratory comparisons at both national and international level. To ensure reference value quality requirements are met, it proceeds as follows:

  • Reference standard stability is verified before, during and after the comparison. Verifications during the comparison are performed at regular intervals
  • Several loops are set up simultaneously if there are a large number of participants.
  • The reference value is established according to LNE's own results.

Participating in interlaboratory comparisons

If you wish to participate in an interlaboratory comparison organized by LNE, please consult the comparison programme and register (in french only).

Information on specific comparisons (in french only)


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