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Industrial metrology


In order to control their manufacturing processes and guarantee the quality of their products, companies are constantly concerned with aligning their instruments to reference standards and ensuring measurement traceability. LNE's calibration laboratories in Paris, Nîmes, Poitiers and Toulouse are accredited by French accreditation committee COFRAC and offer a comprehensive range of services in the fields of mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical and electrical quantities.

LNE regularly participates in inter-laboratory comparisons at both international level (CIPM key comparisons) and European level (comparisons organized by EURAMET and EA). Its calibration certificates are recognized worldwide

LNE's services

26m bench for large length calibration (LNE-Nîmes)

26m bench for large
length calibration

We provide the following services, performed in our laboratories or on-site:

on the technical and economic optimization of your metrology activities to meet ISO 9000, ISO 10012, ISO 14000 et ISO/CEI 17025 requirements.
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in all fields, performed in our laboratories or on-site, and advice on uncertainties corresponding to needs.
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Certified reference materials
LNE implements primary reference methods and produces Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), for various applications in the field of industrial, environmental and health analysis.
[Certified reference materials produced by LNE]
Performance assessment and qualification
of measuring instruments, measurement chains and sensors; type examination certificates for measuring instruments according to legal metrology requirements.
[Legal metrology at LNE]
Advanced training and technical information
covering the latest developments in standards, provided by engineers at the forefront of their field.
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[Technical information days]
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LNE offers the widest range of COFRAC-accredited services on the French market.
[Full COFRAC accreditation list] (French version only)



For additional information, see our downloadable publications section, where you will find guides, technical documents, lectures, theses, etc. in pdf format. (French version only)




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