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Fundamental metrology


To ensure measurements are accurate and reliable, they must be aligned with the International System of Units (SI) via reference standards. The role of national metrology laboratories is to develop, maintain, improve and transfer these standards.

A key player in metrology research

LNE steers and coordinates the research carried out by all French metrology bodies, working in a network with three other national laboratories.

[French metrology]

Reference plateau for washboard effect calibration, angle blocks, autocollimation devices

Reference plateau for washboard
effect calibration, angle blocks,
autocollimation devices

It helps to maintain and develop French standards and transfer them to companies and laboratories, through the system of national calibration chains, in six different fields: electricity and magnetism, dimension, mass and related quantities (force, pressure, viscosity, acceleration, etc.), amount of substance - chemical metrology, radiometry-photometry and temperature

LNE itself manages over a third of the 150 research projects selected at national level by the Metrology Committee.
Current research projects include the watt balance, nanometrology, power in electricity and magnetism, very high temperatures, and analysis of pesticides in environmental matrices.

LNE takes part in around 20 key comparisons between national metrology institutes – organized at international level by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and at European level by the European organization of national metrology institutes EURAMET – and runs key comparisons at national level.



LNE plays an active part in international research into improving SI units, working on nine BIPM consultative committees.

it is currently drawing up assessment standards, in consultation with the French Ministry of Industry, for controlled measuring instruments used in commercial transactions or operations where public health and safety is concerned.

it is a member of EURAMET.



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