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Certified reference materials - CRM

Last update: November 2015


One of the key missions of the LNE is to establish the metrological traceability and to assess the uncertainty of analytical measurements. To this end, LNE implements primary reference methods and produces Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), for various applications in the field of industrial, environmental and health analysis. CRMs are metrological tools to achieving the traceability of measurement results and therefore ensuring reliability and comparability of results of chemical analyses everywhere in the world. Ensuring traceability is moreover a requirement of ISO/CEI-17025 standard. CRMs are mainly used to carry out analytical instruments calibration and analytical procedures validation.

Most of the CRMs produced are covered by CMCs (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities) published in the BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) database ensuring the equivalence of LNE capabilities with the other National Metrology Institutes worldwide. Accreditation against ISO Guide 34 for CRMs production is currently in progress.

Chemical and biological CRM, produced by LNE

All reference materials produced by the Chemical and Biological Metrology Laboratory of LNE are Certified Reference Materials, meaning that the traceability to SI (International System of Units) is fully ensured through primary methods of measurement. The quality of each CRM is fully documented in the certificate describing the way the traceability is established and providing the uncertainty of the certified value.

Other CRMs produced by LNE

LNE also produces reference materials in other fields, including:

  • - verification of impact test machines (Charpy V reference specimens)
  • - thermics
  • - viscometry (kinematic and dynamic viscosity reference oils)
  • - ...

For details of the characteristics of these materials, please contact our customer service


Certified Reference Materials : Mono elementary solutions

Mono elementary certified solutions
(Al, Ca, Cd, Cu, Co, Fe, Mg, Ni, Pb, Zn)


Buy LNE CHARPY V reference on our dedicated website

Buy LNE Charpy V reference on our dedicated website :


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