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Advisory services and training

Comprehensive assistance service

LNE provides advisory services and technical assistance to give you expert advice on your company's metrological organization and thus help you optimize the costs of your measurement, testing and analysis activities.

Advisory services

Complete on-site diagnosis:
an LNE consultant will visit your premises, where he will examine the specificity of your products, perform an inventory of your measuring and testing instruments, assess how well they correlate with your needs and appraise your metrological organization.
Assistance in implementing recommendations:
the LNE consultant will advise you on adjusting your measuring and testing equipment to the specificities and performances of your products. He will also give advice on which measuring instruments best correspond to your needs, how often instruments should be calibrated and checked, which technical operations should be contracted out, how to set up a staff training programme, etc.

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Training courses in metrology are provided by LNE's Training Centre.
The courses are supervised by a training officer who is himself a specialist in metrology. All sessions, whether general or applied, are run by experts in their respective fields.

Most courses comprise theoretical presentations, practical case studies in small groups and laboratory visits.
Preparatory and further sessions are provided in order for participants to optimize their training.

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