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Packaging and packing: Industrial products

LNE is continually developing its test resources to meet the growing requirements of car parts manufacturers and companies producing components for the electronics and ICT industries. Its comprehensive assessment services cover materials, components, logistics and handling equipment, and transport packaging.

LNE's standard services

LNE Emballage packaging certificate logo

LNE Emballage
packaging certificate logo

  • Characterization of materials (cardboard boxes, packaging film for industrial products, shock-absorbing materials, etc.)
  • Assessment of a product's fragility in order to optimize its packaging
  • Analysis of behaviour of packed industrial equipment in its mechanical and climatic environment
  • Instrumented simulation of transport and distribution stresses
  • Assistance in drawing up functional specifications
  • Material reduction studies, optimization and validation of packaging solutions.

Tailor-made solutions

Tests on containers

Tests on containers
(metal, plastic, GALIA-type boxes)

LNE will:

  • determine stacking capacities for storage and transport
  • perform packaging conformity tests according to the recommendations of French automobile industry coordination group GALIA
  • validate reusable packaging (box pallets, racks, handling devices, etc.)
  • perform tests to a range of standards (NF H00-060, XP H50-014, ASTM D4169, GAM EMB, etc.)
  • assess packaging to identify the causes of damage or deterioration
  • provide training in the field of transport packaging for industrial products.
  • [See our training catalogue and register online] (french only)

Research activities

Development of test methods
to assess transport packaging performance
Packaging machinability studies
Optimization and modelling
of packaging systems

Test resources

  • - Drop area with a seismic mass of 250 tonnes
  • - Lansmont drop tester
  • - Mechanical vibration table
  • Stacking frame

    Stacking frame for
    loads up to 20 tonnes

  • - Hydraulic vibration table
  • - Ling shaker
  • - Side impact inclined planes (large and small)
  • - Revolving drum
  • - Static compression system
  • - Sea transport test bench
  • - 20-tonne stacking frame
  • - Dynamic compression systems (Martin and Franck presses)
  • - Blocking tester
  • - Airtightness and watertightness control systems
  • - Climatic chambers
  • - Pressure chambers
  • - High-temperature furnace kiln
  • - Lansmont shock measurement software
  • - Specific software for measuring impact on an inclined plane (acceleration and impact speed recorded).

Recognized expertise

ISTA logo

ISTA logo

  • LNE is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).
  • It is certified by the European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA).
  • It is accredited by the European Pallet Association EPAL.
  • It is a member of the European Committee for Standardization's working group on packaging test methods (CEN WG14).
  • It is a member of the AFNOR standardization committee for primary packaging and transport packaging (CN5).



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