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Packaging and packing: Household cleaning products


Protecting consumers is one of LNE's key missons. In this context, the Laboratory is particularly concerned to ensure that packaging for household cleaning products presents minimal risks. It provides manufacturers with a full range of assessment services covering the chemical substances contained in products and the conformity and convenience of their packaging.

Packaging for a hazardous product

Packaging for a hazardous
product with a child-resistant

LNE's standard services

Child-resistant safety cap

Child-resistant safety cap

  • Classification of hazardous substances and preparation of material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Recommendations on required information to be displayed on packaging for hazardous substances and mixtures, checking of labelling
  • Safety assessment of packaging for hazardous household products (child-resistant closures, ergonomics, convenience).

Tailor-made solutions

Warning labels for hazardous products

Warning labels for hazardous products:
symbols for corrosive and inflammable liquids

LNE will:

Recognized expertise

  • LNE is accredited by French accreditation committee COFRAC for tests on child-resistant containers (CRCs) (COFRAC 1-0606)

[See our full accreditation list] (french)

  • It is a member of the European Committee for Standardization's working group on child-resistant packaging (CEN WG27).



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