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Packaging and packing: Health, beauty and medical products

The health, beauty and medical products sector is characterized by constant development of new packaging, both for marketing reasons and to meet product keeping and user safety requirements. LNE provides comprehensive assistance to companies in this sector.

LNE's standard services

oxygen permeability test

Testing perfume bottles
for oxygen permeability

  • Analysis of container-content interaction and compatibility
  • Characterization of materials: sensory analysis, permeability tests (water vapour, gases, aromas), dimensional characteristics, mechanical resistance tests, etc.
  • Tests and analysis according to French, European, Japanese and American pharmacopoeias
  • Simulation of transport and distribution stresses
  • Analysis of packaging suitability (consumer appeal, convenience, etc.).

Tailor-made solutions

LNE will:

  • determine the causes of degradation of active compounds
  • characterize and assess the performance of isothermal packaging
  • assess child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging (container safety devices, blister packs, etc.)
  • Testing medical waste packaging for resistance to perforation

    Testing medical waste packaging
    for resistance to perforation

  • certify the conformity of packaging for medical waste and infectious materials to European standards and UN regulations

  • [More information],

  • assess the suitability of packaging for sterilization of medical devices and conservation of biological products
  • issue NF certificates for packaging for disposal of sharp medical waste
  • [More information] (french),

Recognized expertise

  • LNE is accredited by French accreditation committee COFRAC for tests on child-resistant containers (CRCs). (COFRAC 1-0606)
  • [See our full accreditation list] (french)

  • It is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).
  • It is certified by the European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA).

Research activities

Performance studies of isothermal packaging and packaging used to transport delicate products (medical waste, biological products, medicines).



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