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Packaging and packing: Transport of dangerous goods

Protecting children

For child-resistant packaging, see the "Household cleaning products" page

LNE is widely recognized for its expertise concerning hazardous materials (chemicals, radioactive material, medical waste, etc.) and its tests on all types of transport packaging (packing cases, combination packaging, containers, large bags). It offers manufacturers a one-stop service enabling them to shorten time-to-market for their packaging on markets worldwide. LNE also provides expert assessment following accidents.

LNE's standard services


To obtain approval for your packaging for transport of dangerous goods, download an approval application form.

  • Approval and certification of transport packaging according to UN-approved modal regulations:
    • - ADR (transport by road)
    • - RID (transport by rail)
    • - code IMDG (transport by sea)
    • - ADN (transport by inland waterway)
    • - IATA et and ICAO (transport by air).
  • Qualification of packaging and simulation of transport stresses in specific mechanical and climatic environments.

Tailor-made solutions

Lifting test on a large bulk container

Lifting test on a
large bulk container

  • perform on-site production control audits of transport packaging for dangerous goods
  • carry out periodic inspections of large bulk containers
  • provide training in the field of transport packaging for dangerous goods.
  • [See our training catalogue and register online] (french only)

Research activities

Transport packaging for dangerous goods :
tests simulating distribution stresses on transport packaging for dangerous goods (studies performed for the United Nations).

Test resources

  • - Drop area with a seismic mass of 250 tonnes
  • - Lansmont drop tester
  • Positioning a container for transport tests

    Positioning a container
    for transport tests

  • - Mechanical vibration table
  • - Hydraulic vibration table
  • - Ling shaker
  • - Static compression system
  • - 20-tonne stacking frame
  • - Dynamic compression systems (Martin and Franck presses)
  • - Blocking tester
  • - Airtightness and watertightness control systems
  • - Climatic chambers
  • - Pressure chambers
  • - High-temperature furnace kiln
  • - Lansmont shock measurement software
  • - Specific software for measuring impact on an inclined plane (acceleration and impact speed recorded).

Recognized expertise

  • LNE assessors act as official experts for the French courts.
  • LNE is authorized by the French Ministry of Transport to issue approval certificates and perform on-site production inspections.
  • It is a member of the European Committee for Standardization's working group on dangerous goods packaging (CEN WG16).



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