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Packaging and packing: Agri-food sector

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on health safety of materials and packaging in contact with foodstuffs:see our monitoring and assistance site

Accounting for 66% of packaging industry sales, the agri-food sector is Europe's leading consumer of packaging. It also the most strictly regulated sector, with statutory requirements to be met at every stage in the production to consumption chain. In this context, LNE focuses both on materials and objects intended for contact with food and on all kinds of packaging: unit packaging, sales packaging, bulk packaging and transport packaging.

LNE's standard services

sensory inertia

Checking sensory inertia
of food contact materials

  • Health safety and food compatibility of materials and packaging: assessment of global and specific migration, measurement of residual monomers and solvents, identification and analysis of taint flavours transmitted by packaging
  • [More information ] (french pdf - 85 kB),

  • Hygiene and HACCP assessment assessment of packaging: certification, audit, microbiological assessment of packaging materials in partnership with the hygiene and analysis institute ISHA...)
  • [More information ] (french pdf - 975 kB),

  • Characterization of materials: sensory analysis, permeability tests (water vapour, gases, aromas), dimensional characteristics, mechanical resistance tests, etc.
  • Simulation of stresses in the transport and distribution circuit
  • Analysis of content behaviour in mechanical and climatic environments
  • Evaluation of product fragility in order to optimize packaging.

Tailor-made services

Hygiene audit

Hygiene audit

LNE will:

  • draw up functional design specifications for your packaging
  • perform the analyses required for authorization by French food safety agency AFSSA
  • issue product and system certification (BRC/IoP, FEFCO, LNE Emballage, NF and LNE ISO 22000)
  • [More information]

  • perform expert analysis of packaging and materials in contact with foodstuffs
  • provide training in the field of health safety and packaging hygiene (HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC/IoP, etc.).
  • [See our training catalogue and register online] (french only)

Recognized expertise

Perforation test on a freezer bag

Perforation test
on a freezer bag

  • LNE is a national reference laboratory for materials in contact with foodstuffs, working in association with France's consumer affairs and fraud control office DGCCRF.
  • Its assessors act as official experts for the French courts.
  • Its expert involved in the "assessment of substances and processes subject to authorisation in human food" workgroup of French Agency for Food, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES)
  • It is approved by the French foreign trade centre CFCE to test materials intended for contact with foodstuffs prior to their export to Japan.
  • It is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).
  • It is certified by the European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA).

Research activities

Analysis of migrants

Analysis of migrants
in materials, objects and packaging

Specific migration:
development of analytical techniques for measuring substances contained in materials and liable to migrate to food
Chemical contamination:
development of decision-making tools to control the risk of chemical contamination from plastic materials in contact with food
Packaging hygiene and microbiology:
development of methods for assessing the microbiological quality of materials and packaging intended for contact with food
Active and "smart" food packaging:
studies to assess the potentialities of active antimicrobial packaging for preserving fresh foods
Food preservation:
innovative non-thermal processing technologies to improve the quality and safety of ready-to-eat meals (High-Q RTE, STREP PCRD6)
Food quality and safety:
traditional United Europe food (Improving quality and fostering innovation of European traditional food production systems) - TrueFood (IP, PCRD6)



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