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Packaging and packing


From food safety to domestic, environmental and transport safety, LNE is active in every area of governmental concern. It meets the needs of all players in the packaging chain, from manufacturers of materials to packers, packaging users and carriers.

The Laboratory's wide-ranging expertise covers industrial studies and projects, assistance in design, testing and analysis, training courses and certification. It assesses all types of primary or bulk packaging and packaging components, and tests all materials, including plastics, barrier materials, composites, metals, glass, paper, cardboard, wood and cork.


Agri-food sector

Control the health safety of your packaging...

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Health, beauty and medical products

Develop hi-tech packaging that is ideally adapted to your products...

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Household cleaning products

Draw up MSDS and check the conformity of labelling affixed to packaging for dangerous goods...

Have your child-resistant packaging tested by an accredited body...

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Industrial products

Ensure your packaged products are adequately protected during transport, storage and distribution...

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Transport of dangerous goods

Have the conformity of your dangerous goods packaging checked by a body approved by the French Ministry of Transport...

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For more information on packaging and packaging waste, see our brochure "logo pdfSteps to conformity" (in French).


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