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Other industries

Process and manufacturing industries regularly face the problem of reconciling the performance of their industrial plant with increasingly complex national and international regulations.

Your priorities

LNE uses its expertise in measurement, testing and certification to provide tailor-made solutions to meet your priorities:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability and operating safety
  • Regulatory compliance of products and safety of users
  • Industrial risks and environmental protection
  • Reduction of costs and quality defects on the production line.

Services provided by LNE

LNE's services cover every stage in the life cycle of products and industrial equipment: research and development, technical support, assistance with regulations, tests, qualification, audits of quality and organizational processes, expert analysis, training, etc.

Innovation - Reliability - Operating safety

Tests and technical assistance:

  • Stress corrosion testing (NACE, ESA, etc.) and non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Qualification and comparative performance analysis, estimation of service life
  • Physical characterization of high-performance materials (mechanical, physicochemical, thermal and other properties)
  • Tests according to a wide range of standards or to customer specifications
  • Expert analysis of industrial product failures

Customized support:

  • Definition of programmes and methodologies for qualification of industrial equipment
  • Optimization and metrological validation of complex measuring systems (laser, optical, infrared, etc.)
  • Assistance in designing industrial equipment (simulation, tests, modelling, technology strategy, etc.)
  • Technical and regulatory project management support
  • Development of measuring systems relying on different technologies (electronics, IT, optics, mechanics, thermics)
  • Development of test benches and specific calibration benches

Regulatory compliance of products and safety of users

CE marking and conformity to standards:

  • Identification of the European Directives that apply to a product (EMC, Low Voltage, Noise, Machinery, etc.)
  • Analysis of risks and operating safety (FMECA, fault tree, etc.)
  • Evaluation of products with respect to regulations and standards (examination of certificates and test reports, risk analysis, additional tests, etc.)
  • Audits (statutory and voluntary) of production processes
  • Monitoring of regulations and standards

Certification of QHSE management systems:

Certification of services:

Statutory conformity:

  • MID DIrective applicable to measuring instruments used for transactions (meters, scales, tachographs, petrol pumps, etc.)

Industrial risks and environmental protection

Control of fire, chemical and environmental risks:

  • Studies of fire risk in confined spaces by digital simulation and physical tests:
    • - resistance of structures to fire
    • - assessment of thermal, mechanical and toxic behaviour (smoke) of materials
    • - assessment of protection devices (smoke removal, emergency exits)
  • REACH and CLP regulations (chemicals): assistance in preparing regulatory file, batch screening for substances of very high concern (SVHCs), monitoring of regulations, etc.
  • RoHS Directive (hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) and WEEE Directive (waste electrical and electronic equipment): evaluation of supplier's regulatory file, additional physicochemical analysis
  • Development of standard gas mixtures for internal control of air quality and water quality
  • Chemical analysis and characterization of polluted samples
  • Identification and measurement of nanoparticles in materials
  • Detection of heat loss in buildings by infrared thermography

Health and safety in the workplace:

  • Measurement of workstation noise
  • Analysis of air quality in workshops, laboratories, stations and other public buildings
  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiation
  • Measurement of lighting levels, etc.

Reduction of costs and quality defects on the production line

  • Metrological audits of measuring systems and advice on corrective action
  • Third-party assistance in validation of new measuring chains
  • Measurement of drift in sensitive measuring chains

Examples of services provided by LNE

Design and development of a calibration bench for cryogenic temperature sensors.

Stress corrosion tests (NACE methods) on submerged pipelines

Estimation of the life of different heat exchanger technologies

Modelling of fire risk (heat flow, smoke toxicity and opacity) in an aircraft maintenance building and assessment of emergency evacuation procedures.

Validation study of a laser 3D measurement system for castings.

Support in ensuring the reliability and optimum performance of monitoring sensors at gas operation sites.

Technical assistance in reducing the noise level of an industrial refrigeration plant.


Latest update: Februar 2012

Corrosion testing

LNE is fully equipped to perform stress corrosion tests and non-destructive tests:

  • - Tests to NACE standard TM0 177-2005
  • - HIC tests...
  • - H2S measurement
  • - Cathodic protection tests

Anneaux de forces pour essais de corrosion sous contraintes

Testing resources:

  • - 50 force rings from 17 to 38 kN
  • - 22 four-point uranus jigs
  • - magnetic crack detection bench
  • - Equipment for sectioning, polishing, metallographic examination, etc.

Secure processes, environmental risk control, innovation, product safety… LNE provides industries with ideal solutions to meet their priorities.

Information sheets

> LNE QHSE certification (Quality-Health-Safety-Environment)


> Measuring at nanometric scale

LNE offers a wide range of measurements and studies (noise, air quality, radiation, lighting, etc.) to ensure optimum conditions in the workplace.

Estimation of the service life of equipment or materials

To evaluate the life of different heat exchanger technologies, LNE has developed:

  • - tests to reproduce stresses suffered by equipment (vibrations, corrosion, light, thermal shock, climate, etc.)
  • - analysis and calculation methods to define regression curves (Arrhenius, Weibull, WLF models, etc.)

Estimation of service life using the Arrhenius method


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