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Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais

Consumer products

LNE is France's leading laboratory for quality and safety assessment of products for domestic or public use. It provides services for all players in the consumer products chain, including manufacturers, distributors, government departments and local authorities.

>> Consumer products

Defence and security

LNE provides authorities and institutions involved in defence (armed forces, industries, research centres, ministries, etc.) and security (police, customs, etc.) with solutions to meet their key priorities: innovation, reliability, safety, prevention, optimization of costs...

>> Defence and security

Energy and environment

Development of renewable energy sources, reduction of energy costs and the greenhouse effect, air quality, water quality, waste reduction and elimination… LNE provides institutions, authorities and industries with R&D, technical assistance, tests, expert analysis, training and other services.

>> Energy and environment

Housing / Construction

LNE contributes towards safety at several levels. It provides voluntary certification, certifies construction products for CE marking, assesses fire behaviour of materials and fire safety engineering, and examines the performance of heating and air conditioning equipment.

>> LNE's services in housing and construction field

Packaging and packing

LNE offers expert advice and a comprehensive range of services for manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials, product packers and industries using packaging.

>> Packaging and packing

Medical / Health

LNE meets all the assessment and certification needs of medical device manufacturers and medical establishments.

>> Medical / Health


LNE provides a wide range of services for the transport sector, including simulation of transport stresses and environments, fire reaction studies and electrical safety tests.

>> Transport

Other industries

LNE provides industries with tailor-made solutions to meet their key priorities: innovation, reliability and operating safety, regulatory compliance of products, control of industrial risks, environmental protection, reduction of costs and quality defects on the production line

>> Other industries


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