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Energy and environment

Energy and environmental issues are major concerns worldwide. They cover a wide range of fields:

  • - energy: nuclear power, gas, oil, hydraulic power, solar energy, wind power
  • - environment: water, air, waste

Your priorities

LNE possesses the expertise to provide institutions, authorities and industries involved in these sectors with the best solutions to meet their priorities:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability / scalability / sustainability
  • Safety / compliance with regulations
  • Prevention / surveillance
  • Optimizing costs / market positioning

Services provided by LNE

LNE's services cover every stage in the life cycle of products and equipment: fundamental and applied research, technical assistance, tests, qualification, implementation of quality and organizational processes, expert analysis, training, etc.

Innovation / reliabilty / scalability / sustainability

Technical assistance:

  • Tests according to applicable standards or customer specifications
  • Qualification of products
  • Thermal characterization of materials
  • Expert analysis of causes of malfunctions


  • Definition of qualification programmes and methodologies
  • Metrology consulting
  • Design assistance (simulation, tests, modelling, technological orientation, etc.)
  • Project management support and support for project owners
  • Maintainance, repair and operations (MRO): integrated logistic support, obsolescence, etc.

Fundamental and applied research:

  • Development of standards
  • Development of methods and tests
  • Development of systems based on different technologies (electronics, optics, mechanics, thermics, etc.)
  • Development of test equipment
  • Development of models and prototypes

Quality processes:

Safety / compliance with regulations

Control of chemical and fire risks:

  • REACH and CLP regulations, designed to protect human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals
  • Smoke control engineering studies that use computer simulation to define fire scenarios in buildings and assess their consequences
  • the RoHS Directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment

Health and safety in the workplace:

  • Measurement of noise and radiation
  • Measurement and analysis of interior air (electronic laboratories, confined industrial spaces, etc.)

Compliance with regulations:

  • Compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) covering instruments such as electricity meters and gas meters
  • Compliance with the WEEE Directive, which requires manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment to finance the collection and treatment of household and business e-waste

Monitoring of regulations:

  • Provision of up to date information on regulations before a product is placed on the market

Prevention / surveillance

Waste management:

  • Certification of companies responsible for cleaning polluted sites and soil
  • Compliance with the WEEE Directive, which requires manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment to finance the collection and treatment of household and business e-waste

Environmental control:

  • Development of reference standards for air quality and water quality
  • Chemical analysis: characterization of raw materials, environmental control, assessment of chemical safety of products
  • Calibration and reliability assurance of pollution control instrumentation
  • Analysis of nanoparticles
  • Detection of heat loss of buildings using infrared thermography

Optimizing costs / market positioning

  • Provision of reliable metrological measurements to limit errors on quantities of industrial materials
  • Performance tests: ageing tests, comparative tests, endurance tests, etc.
  • Design and development of equipment

Examples of services provided by LNE

Nuclear sector

Assistance for maintenance of nuclear power plants

Development of a test procedure for temperature sensors: reliability assurance of sensors, performance of test programmes, development of measurement methods, technical assistance in customer/supplier dialogue to improve sensor performance.

Environmental services

Ageing and reliability tests on joints for a concrete sarcophagus at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Development of tests and a test method.

Radiation measurement and ageing tests on radioactive waste drums to assess the resistance of the structure and lining used.

Assistance and development of a sensor system for monitoring stocks of buried radioactive materials.

Water treatment and transport sector

R&D, assistance and development of technology to assess the ageing of water transport pipes in drinking water networks.

Photovoltaics sector

Development of a quality mark (Certisolis) for qualification of photovoltaic solar panels.

Gas sector

Assistance and support for reliability assurance and optimization of the sensor system for monitoring gas operation sites.

Heat loss and pollution

Design, development and maintenance of an industrial infrared thermography product.

Aerial thermography surveys of towns.

Lastest update : May 2011

Renovation of nuclear power plants, exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits… LNE provides appropriate and innovative solutions.

Air quality, water quality, waste reduction and elimination… LNE develops metrological references and measurement methods and helps companies comply with environmental regulations.


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