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Defence and security

Defence and security policy is of major importance for all countries. The main issues are:

  • - protecting national security by various means, including nuclear deterrence
  • - participation in international peace-keeping missions around the world
  • - maintaining order and and ensuring public safety.

Your priorities

LNE provides authorities and institutions involved in defence (armed forces, industries, research centres, ministries, etc.) and security (police, customs, etc.) with ideal solutions to meet their priorities:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability / Scalability / Sustainability
  • Safety / Compliance with regulations
  • Prevention / Surveillance
  • Optimizing costs / Market positioning

Services provided by LNE

LNE's services cover every stage in the life cycle of products and equipment: fundamental and applied research, technical assistance, tests, qualification, implementation of quality and organizational processes, expert analysis, training, etc.

Innovation / Reliability / Scalability / Sustainability

Technical assistance:

  • Tests to ensure conformity to national and international defence standards: GAM EG 13, MIL-STD 810, STANAG 2895 and 4370, EUROCAE/ED-14 and RTCA/DO-160D, ISTA Procedures, IEC 60068-2 series, MIL-STD 461, NF EN 60601-1-2, IEC 61000-4-X series, etc.
  • Mechanical and climatic performance tests, EMC tests
  • Tests according to standards or customer specifications
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Identification of causes of failures
  • Expert analysis
  • Assistance in developing products and equipment for monitoring, testing, etc.
  • Digital simulation (fire scenarios, modelling of systems or equipment, behaviour of equipment under stress, etc.)
  • Comparative tests


  • Assistance in defining qualification programmes
  • Metrology consulting
  • Assistance in setting up accredited testing or metrology laboratories
  • Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO): product improvement, calibration, etc.
  • Project management support and support for project owners

Quality processes:

  • ISO 14001 environmental certification
  • QSE certification (Quality, Safety, Environment)
  • ISO 9001 certification

Fundamental and applied research:

  • Assistance for R&D programmes, particularly in three fields:
    • - new materials (characterization, studies, etc.)
    • - nanotechnologies (environmental impact)
    • - fire safety engineering (military buildings, ships, etc.)
  • Evaluation of information systems (text, audio, video)
  • Study and development of chemical devices for police use

Safety / Compliance with regulations

Control of chemical, biological and fire risks:

  • Smoke control studies
  • Fire protection engineering
  • Assistance in designing secure architecture (for military buildings, ships, etc.)
  • Chemical, biological, environmental and toxic analysis (water, air, etc.)
  • Operating safety studies

Health and safety in the workplace:

  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiation
  • Measurement and analysis of interior air quality
  • Measurement of noise and vibration

Compliance with regulations:

  • Verification and calibration of control equipment for the police

Monitoring of regulations:

  • Provision of up to date information on regulations before a product is placed on the market

Prevention / Surveillance

Environmental control:

  • Development of reference standards for air quality and water quality
  • Chemical analysis: characterization of raw materials, environmental control, assessment of chemical safety of products
  • Analysis of nanoparticles

Optimizing costs / Market positioning

  • Assistance for mass production of equipment
  • Analysis of product performance

Latest update: December 2011

LNE's services cover every stage in the life of equipment, from design assistance and digital simulation to maintenance, repair and operations.

LNE checks and calibrates control equipment for the police

Controlling fire risks: LNE uses its extensive experience of fire safety engineering to help you design secure architectures.


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