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Household products and equipment

Last update : decembre 2009

LNE's services


In addition to the tests listed below, for most products we will also perform tests with consumers and tests covering electrical safety, noise, mechanical safety (for aerosols), food compatibility, etc.

    LNE provides:
  • - serviceability tests,
  • - safety tests
  • - comparative tests
  • for a wide range of household equipment. Tests are performed to current standards and test methods or to client specifications.

Products tested

Listed below are some key categories or products, the types of tests performed and the applicable regulations and standards. If your products do not appear in this list, please contact our customer service

Aerosols / Lighters

  • Aerosols      [Safety tests]
  • European Aerosol Federation test methods: FEA 607 (inflammability of sprays)
  • NF EN 13851 Aerosol containers - Aerosol foam flammability test
  • NF EN 13852 Aerosol containers - Determination of the ignition distance of the spray jet
  • NF EN 13853 Aerosol containers - Enclosed space ignition test

Pressure cookers

SIPA /Florence Durand

Laboratory for testing
pressure cookers

  • Lighters      [Safety tests]
  • NF EN ISO 9994, ASTM F-400 (USA), CPSA 0035 (Japan), Canada gazette

Household electrical products

  • Electric coffee-makers     [Serviceability tests / Comparative tests]
  • NF EN 60661

  • Food processors (one or several functions)     [Serviceability tests / Comparative tests]
  • NF EN 60619

  • Cooking surfaces, ovens, cookers     [Performance tests]
  • Performance tests covering temperature control, heating time, uniform cooking, space for receptacles, cooking guides, etc., according to specifications.

Cooking utensils

Health safety...

For more information on health safety of materials and packaging in contact with foodstuffs, see our monitoring and assistance site

  • Plastic food containers     [Performance tests]
  • Performance tests covering behaviour in microwave ovens and freezers, resistance to staining by food, airtightness, etc., according to specifications.

  • Oven dishes, pastry dishes     [Serviceability tests / Comparative tests]
  • NF EN 13834
  • Thermal shock on non-metal oven dishes: NF EN 1183

  • Frying pans, saucepans, etc.     [Safety tests / Performance tests]
  • NF EN 12983

  • Non-stick coatings on frying pans, saucepans, stewpots, etc.     [Serviceability tests / Comparative tests]
  • NF D 21-511 and XP CEN/TS 12983-2

Iceboxes and vacuum flasks

Other products

  • All products     [Performance tests]
  • Dishwasher resistance

Approval and accreditation

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