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Automobile accessories

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Some products must also comply with other regulations, such as those concerning electromagnetic compatibility or low voltage.

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LNE will check that your automobile accessories comply with existing standards and regulations in this field. It will also perform tests according to your own specifications or draw up specifications with you.

Main products tested

Listed below are the applicable regulations and standards for some key categories or products. If your products do not appear in this list, please contact our customer service

Snow chains

  • Snow chains
  • Standard: LNE test protocol

Rear load carriers

  • Rear bicycle racks (mounted on tailgate, hitch plate ou hitch ball)
  • Platforms
  • Standard: draft standard NF EN ISO 15263-4

Roof load carriers

  • Roof bars
  • Standards: NF R 18-903-1, ISO 11154-1
  • Roof bar accessories for special applications (bicycles, skis/snowboards, trunks, ladders, luggage racks)
  • Standards: NF R 18-903-2
  • Specific purpose roof devices (for skis/snowboards, ladders, luggage)
  • Standards: NF R 18-903-3, ISO 11154-3
  • Magnetic fastening devices (for ski/snowboard holders)
  • Standard: ISO/FDIS 11154-4
Static strength of a portage roofbar

Static strength
of a portage roofbar

Automobile pedal assembly

  • Automobile pedal assembly
  • Geneva Convention

Garage equipment

  • Trolley jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks
  • Floor cranes
  • Inspection pit jacks, body repair jacks
  • Regulations: Machinery Directive 98/37/EC
  • Standard: NF EN 1494
  • Jack stands
  • Standard: BS AU 223 a
  • Tow bars
  • Standard: LNE test protocol

Other products

  • Transport trolleys and hand trucks
  • Standard: LNE test protocol
  • Chain hoists, electric hoists
  • Hand winches
  • Regulations: Machinery Directive 98/37/EC
  • Standard: NF EN 1494

Approval and accreditation

Click here for full details (in French) of our approval and accreditation


For full details of standards, see the website of French standards association AFNOR.

For full details of French regulations, see the website of the French Government’s Journal Officiel


For any question please contact our customer service


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