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Consumer products


LNE is France's leading consumer product testing body, assessing the quality and safety of a wide range of products and equipment for domestic or collective use.

It assesses product quality from every angle: serviceability (mechanical, chemical and electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility), performance (laboratory tests or tests with consumers), energy consumption and durability.

LNE's services cover the needs of different company departments, from design through to quality, inspection and purchasing, as well as the requirements of distributors, consumer organizations, local authorities and market control authorities.

Fields concerned

LNE's services

Validation of product design

  • Prototype assessment
  • Consumers tests

[Ergonomics tests]

Assessment of quality and performance

  • Tests to ensure conformity to standards or to a product's reference specifications
  • Verification of assembly, machining and finishing
  • Controlled use by consumer panels to assess ease of use and clarity of instruction leaflet

Assessment of safety and conformity

  • Conformity to French legal requirements covering bicycles, infant care products, play areas, ladders, open fireplaces, paraffin stoves, heating cost distributors
  • Technical assistance to qualify products for CE marking logo marking: electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, physical, chemical and mechanical safety, inflammability, sound level, performance under pressure

Services for distributors

  • At product listing stage: comparative tests to facilitate selection, definition of purchase specifications to ensure compliance with statutory requirements
  • On shipment or delivery of products: spot checks and partial conformity tests


  • French NF mark awarded (under authority of French standards association AFNOR) for numerous consumer products
  • German GS safety mark awarded

[More information and list of certified companies or products]


  • Courses for purchasing and quality managers: product selection, compliance with new standards and regulations
  • Courses for local authority purchasers and technical managers

[See our training catalogue (in french) and enrol online]


Located in Shanghai, LNE sales' office (Laboratoire National de metrologie et d'essais) helps you understand and conform to European standard and regulation requirements by providing testing and inspection services, technical assistance and training as well as issuing conformity certificates.



Set up in 2001 to meet the product conformity needs of local manufacturers, LNE Asia provides a complete range of services including :

  • production control,
  • inspection,
  • tests,
  • audit,
  • technical assistance

that ensure product conformity.

LNE Asia Ltd is a subsidiary of LNE (Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais, France) based in Hong Kong. LNE Asia has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and works in partnership with various Asian inspection service centres based in China, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Its services cover the needs of companies producing toys, food contact articles, tools, gardening equipment, small electrical household appliances, luminaires and tableware.

For more information, consult LNE ASIA website


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