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Product quality in construction and housing

Enhancing product development and gaining time with marketingle marché

Offering innovative products that bear quality marks in conformity with housing products regulations is the key to gaining markets. LNE has thus been providing services that combine assistance in developing products, testing and quality certification to quickly rise up to the challenge.


Discover our package solutions to:

Develop products

Technical assistance for product development See details  

One of LNE’s main missions is to help manufacturers improve product performance and prepare for future technical challenges (new materials, role of nanoparticles, fireproofing, hygiene, safety, environment) or regulatory issues (hygiene, safety, environment). LNE also participates in setting up marks and labels to promote innovative solutions.

To this aim, it has developed a global offer comprising: technical and regulatory assistance, assistance in design and product and equipment testing.

By choosing LNE to carry out your R&D work, you can benefit from a double advantage:

  • - you get a research and development tax credit that is income tax or company tax deductible,
  • - your expenses in research by working with LNE are doubled when calculating your research and development tax credit

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Test products

A-la-carte tests and package solutions for testing See details  

No matter which characteristics you wish to have verified, LNE enables you to choose a-la-carte tests and/or package solutions for testing.

Depending on your needs, the testing offer can comprise:

  • technical assistance
  • study and development of your products
  • guiding tests
  • admission and/or Initial Type Testing (ITT) for CE marking

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Obtain CE marking or a quality mark (NF, Acermi...)

CE Marking See details  

As part of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and as a notified body, LNE issues CE marking for the following products (the list may change):

  • Thermal insulation products for buildings (standards EN 13162 to EN 13171),
  • Metal chimneys (standards NF EN 1856-1 and 2)
  • Chimneys with plastic flue liners (standard EN 14471)
  • Stretched ceilings (standard EN 14716)
  • Free-standing chimneys (standard EN 13084-7)
  • Wall coverings and Floorings in natural stones (standard EN 15102, EN 1341, EN 1469, EN 1342, EN 12057, EN 12058)
  • Sandwich panels (standard EN 14509)
  • Flexible sheets for waterproofing (standard EN 13967)
  • Laminated panels (standard EN 438-7)
  • Industrial insulation materials

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Product certification (NF, ACERMI...) See details  

LNE, your unique contact for certification

Gain coherence and take advantage of economies of scale thanks to combined audits.

LNE issues the NF, Acermi, Keymark or GS marks for numerous construction products (slate, PVC tubing, pipes, plastics profiles…) so that the quality of your products stands out on the market.

To this aim, LNE can carry out:

  • Diagnostics – Preaudits
  • Training
  • Mock audits
  • Certification audits

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Improve productivity of manufacturing workshops

Advice on measuring methods in manufacturing See details  

Gaining productivity in processes and measurements means producing efficiently!

Economic issues lead all of us to think about any solution available to enhance companies’ performance. LNE has set up an innovative method to gain a lot of productivity in manufacturing processes. This offer focuses on measurement performance:

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Guide for the Construction Products Regulation

Understanding CE marking changes and requirements in the new regulation.

>> How to receive the guide (in French)

Examples of products covered

Examples of products covered
by LNE’s offer: PVC profiles, WPC,
polyethylene tubing

Did you know?

As a testing laboratory as well as a notified certification body for more than 100 product standards, LNE offers:

  • • training courses focusing on reference documents, diagnostics,
  • • certification audits,
  • • tests to prepare for certification

Keep up-to-date:

Regulatory changes in the market, expert opinions, LNE news…

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