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Fire safety

Gaining markets and taking advantage of a unique expertise in fire safety of products and buildings

New challenges have risen with regulations on fire safety in public opened buildings and the release of the new construction products regulation. Regulatory openings IT 246 and the recent IT 249 represent significant progress to better control fire issues and ensure safety of persons. It is essential to seek assistance from expert organisations which handle these issues perfectly well to meet all the requirements in these various regulations.


Discover our solutions to develop efficient and compliant products / projects:

Control products fire behaviour

Reaction to fire testing See details  

Whether it be as part of product development or certification, LNE has developed a thorough testing offer on a large range of products:

  • Fire behaviour tests to obtain M classification or Euroclasses
  • Initial Type Testing (ITT) as part of CE marking

Did you know?

Our guiding tests may be completed with:

- technical assistance comprising advice for product development
- VOC measurements to comply with French Decree 2011-321 of March 23, 2011 related to mandatory labelling of the VOC emissions class of construction products (in French)

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Certification: CE marking, NF Mark… See details  

Did you know?

LNE also carries out certification of your management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001…

Whether it be to obtain CE marking, a reaction to fire / fire safety NF Mark or LNE fire behaviour mark, LNE offers a wide range of services in product certification

  • Diagnostics – Preaudits
  • Training
  • Mock audits
  • Certification audits

For the quality of your products to stand out on the market, LNE issues numerous marks that certify requirements of French standards and regulations in force are met in terms of fire behaviour and reaction to fire of certified products:

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Simulate smoke ventilation in buildings

Fire safety engineering See details  

Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) aims to define fire scenarios and assess their consequences, for example with computer simulations. This approach provides a solution when descriptive regulations are difficult to apply or require work that is very expensive or could alter the building’s appearance. LNE relies on FSE to meet requirements in fire safety regulations regarding:

  • combustible insulation products
    • - destined for interior insulation in public opened buildings (article AM8 (§2))
    • - destined for exterior insulation of fronts (IT249 (§5.3))
  • au smoke ejection (in French)
    • - of public opened buildings in the 1st group (article DF4 (§2) + IT246 ( §8))
    • - specific buildings (GA – train stations, PS – covered car parks)
  • Fire performance of products and construction works and parts (French order dated March 22, 2004)

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Test and validate fire detection and alarm materials

Tests: CE marking and NF Fire Safety System certification See details  

Products covered

The fire safety system (FSS) consists of all the materials intended for fire detection and alarm and for order processing of fire safety work.

  • Testing in accordance with standards EN 54 to obtain CE marking and/or the NF SSI (Fire Safety System) mark
  • Testing in accordance with particular specifications

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Innovate and develop

Technical assistance, studies on building design See details  

LNE acts as your partner to help you improve product performance or development and study building design by relying on its research work and expertise in fire safety.

By choosing LNE to carry out your R&D work, you can benefit from a double advantage:

  • - you get a research and development tax credit that is income tax or company tax deductible,
  • - your expenses in research by working with LNE are doubled when calculating your research and development tax credit

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Improve productivity of manufacturing workshops

Advice on measurement methods in manufacturing See details  

Gaining productivity in processes and measurements means producing efficiently!

Economic issues lead all of us to think about any solution available to enhance companies’ performance. LNE has set up an innovative method to gain a lot of productivity in manufacturing processes. This offer focuses on measurement performance:

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LNE’s expertise for the benefit of:

Construction products manufacturers, research departments, control offices, local authorities.

RT 2012 Guide / Fire safety

How to meet both RT 2012 and fire safety requirements for public opened buildings

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LNE relies on FSE to meet
fire safety requirements
of regulations

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