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Energy efficiency

Having access to a single window for testing your products and renewable energy systems

Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency imposes to have significantly reduced energy consumption by 2020. On the other hand, RT 2012 (French thermal regulation for buildings) encourages the use of renewable energies to reach a primary energy consumption of 50 kw/H/m2/year. In order to get such results, one needs to shrewdly combine renewable energy products and systems that are perfectly optimised.


Discover our package solutions to:

Develop products

Global technical assistance, accompaniment See details  

LNE can help you manufacturers improve the performance of your products and prepare for future technical or regulatory challenges. It also participates in setting up marks or labels to promote innovative solutions.

You can now benefit from an offer comprising: technical and regulatory assistance, assistance in design, and product and equipment testing.

By choosing LNE to carry out your R&D work, you can benefit from a double advantage:

  • - you get a research and development tax credit that is income tax or company tax deductible,
  • - your expenses in research by working with LNE are doubled when calculating your research and development tax credit.

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Test products

A-la-carte tests and package solutions for testing See details  

No matter which characteristics you wish to have verified, LNE enables you to choose a-la-carte tests and/or package solutions for testing.

On devices and/or in accordance with applicable standards:

Additional tests

Fire behaviour tests

• Thermal tests

Chemical tests

Acoustics tests

Mechanic, climatic and EMC tests

VOC measurements (in French)

  • Building insulation and industrial insulation materials
  • Insulating glass
  • Heat pumps
  • Single solar water heaters: tests in accordance with NF EN 12976
  • Solar collectors: tests in accordance with NF EN 12975
  • PV panels
    • - electrical performance in accordance with IEC 61215, 61646 and 61730
    • - environmental performance

Depending on your needs, the testing offer can comprise:

  • technical assistance with product development
  • study and development of your products
  • admission tests for NF CESI (single solar water heaters), NF PAC (heat pumps), ACERMI, Certisolis, CEKAL and other marks

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Obtain a quality mark

Certification to NF, Acermi, Certisolis and other marks See details  

LNE, your unique contact for certification

Gain coherence and take advantage of economies of scale thanks to combined audits.

LNE issues the following certification marks so that the quality of your products stands out on the market:

To this aim, LNE can carry out:

  • Training focusing on reference documents, diagnostics
  • Certification audits
  • Tests to prepare for certification

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Improve productivity of manufacturing workshops

Advice on measuring methods in manufacturing See details  

Gaining productivity in processes and measurements means producing efficiently!

Economic issues lead all of us to think about any solution available to enhance companies’ performance. LNE has set up an innovative method to gain a lot of productivity in manufacturing processes. This offer focuses on measurement performance:

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Belenos, Certisolis, Eurovent Certita, ACERMI

Thanks to its subsidiaries – Belenos, Certita, Certisolis – and to its role in the ACERMI association, of which it is one of the founding members, LNE offers its customers a unique contact for a wide range of services that cover thermal and energy aspects of numerous products to reach these objectives.


LNE: testing laboratory and certification body
ACERMI : certification of insulation materials
BELENOS : Tests and research on thermal solar systems
CERTISOLIS : certification of energy performance of PV sensors
EUROVENT CERTITA Certification : certification of materials and equipment in climate engineering




RT 2012: make the right choices!

How should materials, products and equipment be chosen so that objectives of RT 2012 are reached?

How to receive our guides for free (in French)

CERTISOLIS performs tests
on photovoltaic solar modules

Energy performance of buildings

If you need to carry out a diagnosis of building energy losses, just ask LNE, an expert in infrared thermography applied to the study of roof and front energy losses.

>> Services in thermography

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