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Housing / Construction: services for manufacturers of materials and equipment

Your priorities

Grenelle Environment Conference commitments and Climate Action proposal:

  • Improve insulation to comply with thermal regulations
  • Improve heating efficiency and limit greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use renewable energy sources

Safety and health:

  • Construction Products Directive: comply with essential safety and performance requirements
  • Comply with regulations covering public buildings
  • REACH Directive: minimize chemical risks to public health and the health of your employees

Competitiveness, performance, quality:

  • Innovate and develop new products
  • Optimize your processes
  • Certify your products and systems to underline the performance of your materials or equipment and the quality of your company's organization

Services provided by LNE

Grenelle environment, CE marking, acermi

Products and equipment covered

    Examples of construction products and materials, and equipment cover by LNE's services

    LNE's services cover a wide range of construction products
    and materials, and equipment such as solar water heaters,
    solar panels, and heating and air-conditioning units.

  • Construction products: floor and wall coverings, sandwich panels, industrial insulating materials (-180°C to 700°C), slates, smoke flues, tanks, piping, wood-based panels, etc.
  • Individual solar water heaters: research and conformity tests at our subsidiary Belenos (Nîmes)
  • Solar panels: research and tests at our subsidiary Certisolis (Le Bourget-du-Lac)
  • Heating and air-conditioning units: water-water heat pumps (up to 35 kWh), air conditioners, inserts, convectors, etc.
  • Materials and packaging for products and equipment