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Housing / Construction: services for property managers and local authorities

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Satisfy fire safety regulations and thermal regulations:

Comply with:

  • - the Construction Products Directive (fire, thermal resistance)
  • - regulations covering smoke control in buildings (French law: DF Articles, Technical Instruction 246)
  • - regulations covering padded and upholstered furniture in public buildings

Reduce heat loss from outer walls (French law: Technical Instruction 249)

Prepare for the renovation of your property:

  • Have your building's heat loss assessed
  • Obtain advice to ensure you choose the best materials

Services provided by LNE

  • Smoke control engineering
  • Fire safety engineering
  • Infrared thermography of roofs and outer walls to assess heat loss
  • Assistance in drafting invitations to tender for renovation, specifying the use of certified materials
    (Acermi, NF)
  • Certification of existing buildings: ISO 14001, QSE, Marianne label (quality of public services)
  • Training
  • R&D