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LNE's core activity

By developing new measurement techniques and methods and applying them via appropriate standards in all spheres of daily life, LNE plays a key role in promoting a more competitive economy and a safer society. This core activity covers five key spheres – research and technology transfer, testing and calibration, technical assistance, certification, training and informing – and addresses the five major priorities: safety and health, environmental impact, performance, product reliability, and cost control.

History and mission

Set up in 1901 to provide services to industry, LNE was initially part of the the CNAM technology and research institute. Under a 1978 consumer protection law it became a state-owned enterprise, attached to the French Ministry of Industry.

> LNE's history

As a reference laboratory, LNE is responsible for helping society to evolve and advance. Its mission is to improve the competitiveness of companies while respecting stringent requirements on consumer safety, public health, environmental protection, and energy management.

In 2005 the Laboratory was entrusted with coordinating the French metrology network and representing it in an international context.

> LNE's mission

Key figures

8,000 customers
800 employees across 11 sites in France, China and the USA
55,000 sq m of laboratory space
90 ongoing research projects and 30 academic partnerships
Member of 6 competitive clusters and 7 networks of excellence
Coordinator of 9-member French metrology network and 2 industrial metrology clubs

> LNE's key figures in full


With approval from over 90 bodies, notification for application of national, European and international regulations, numerous accreditations from French Accreditation Committee COFRAC, international recognition agreements in the spheres of metrology and electrical safety (CB Scheme), and some of the best-equipped laboratories in Europe, LNE is ideally placed to provide comprehensive solutions to the measurement problems faced by companies and the authorities.

> LNE accreditation and approval – full list

Our customers

Companies in a wide range of sectors – construction, transport, energy, defence, health, industry, instrumentation, consumer products, product distribution – operating in France, Europe or worldwide.

The government and local authorities.

> LNE's services for each sector of activity



Five activities to ensure you meet your priorities in:

Safety and Health
Environmental impact
Product reliability
Cost control

Research and technology transfer

Our research results, along with our experience in creating standards, developing new measurement and test methods and furthering standardization, directly benefit companies and the international metrology community through ever more accurate measurements – the vectors of innovation.

> Research and technology transfer

Calibration, tests, analysis

Our services to companies – calibration and tests covering a wide range of quantities and technologies – enable them to guarantee the traceability of their measurements and monitor their production quality.

> Tests - > Calibration

Technical assistance

Information on standards and regulations, performance of audits and diagnoses, preparation of manufacturer's specifications, development of test benches: tailor-made responses to companies' measurement problems.



LNE provides a one-stop solution for voluntary or statutory certification of products, management systems and services, enabling companies to enhance their products on markets worldwide.

> Voluntary or statutory certification

Training and information

Our training sessions (in-company or at LNE), information days on standards and regulations, online metrology training and online publications provide companies with access to up-to-the-minute information on new technology and regulations.

> Training and seminars (in french only)

Annual reports

See our annual reports for more information (in french)