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Statutory certification


Some of the statutory certification marks issued by LNE

Some of the statutory certification
marks issued by LNE

French regulations, European Directives and international regulations stipulate that certain products must meet specific requirements before they are placed on the market or circulated, and that their compliance with these requirements must be verified by a body expressly designated for this purpose by the national authorities concerned or the European Commission.
Verification by the body concerned usually results in the manufacturer being issued with certificates for the products, entitling the company to apply the corresponding marking (eg. CE or UN) to them. This is the statutory certification process.

LNE is a designated or competent body for numerous regulations and European Directives.

It provides the following services:

French regulations

LNE is approved to issue certificates of conformity for identity photograph systems, controlled measuring instruments, infant care articles, bicycles, etc.

[Full list of products for which LNE is approved] (in French)

European Directives

LNE is a notified, designated, competent or authorized body for over 20 European Directives. These include horizontal Directives (electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, noise) and sectorial Directives (toys, weighing instruments, medical devices, contruction products).

As a notified body for the new Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), which came into force on 30 October 2006, LNE will be a key partner for your legal metrology activities.

[List of the European Directives for which LNE is notified]

International or other national regulations

Packaging for dangerous goods, large bulk containers:

LNE performs approval tests and controls manufacturing processes according to regulations (UN, ISTA, etc.).

[More information]

Measuring instruments:

LNE is a signatory of the OIML MAA and issues OIML certificates. It also contributes to the work of WELMEC.

[More information]

Advantages of working with LNE

Le LNE :

  • LNE will fully inform you about the applicable regulations, specifications, controls and documents required for each category of products.
  • It will perform the required mandatory tests and quality management system audits to establish that products comply with all applicable regulations.
  • It will prepare and issue all required certificates in accordance with the regulations.



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