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Product certification


The purpose of product certification is to guarantee that a product meets required standards following conformity tests and an ISO 9001 audit of the manufacturer's or distributor's quality management system. Once certified, products may carry a quality mark. Production quality is subsequently monitored by means of tests and regular audits.

Advantages of working with LNE

Some of the marks issued by LNE

Some of the marks issued by LNE

LNE provides certification for over 60 product ranges, under four major systems:

  • LNE Emballage certificate for packaging,
  • NF mark (issued under the authority of French Standardization Association AFNOR),
  • ACERMI certificate (for the French Association for Certification of Insulating Materials),
  • GS mark (for Germany's Federal Ministry of Employment).



ACERMI (French Association for Certification of Insulating Materials)

AFNOR (French Standardization Association)


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